Preliminary Plan - Condition 2(3) of the Airport Plan CONSTRUCTION IMPACT ZONE (DRG-6900)

With regard to the Conditions under Section 3.10 of the 2016 Airport Plan for Western Sydney Airport (WSA), WSA Co has developed a preliminary plan for the Construction Impact Zone (CIZ) – the area of the Airport Site on which Main Construction Works are planned to occur. The CIZ shown in this plan will be relevant to:
a) the Biodiversity Offset Delivery Plan under Airport Plan Condition 30; and
b) the Construction Plan in accordance with Condition 1 and the Construction Environment Management Plans (CEMPs) required to be produced, notably the Biodiversity CEMP under Airport Plan Condition 7.

The CIZ was submitted as a preliminary plan, to enable it to be approved by an Approver in advance of the full Construction Plan (Condition 1) being submitted. The plan was approved by the Commonwealth on 13 July 2018.
The approved CIZ – presented diagrammatically as a map of the whole site (WSA- GHD-0010-ASL-DRG-6900) – describes the extent of the area directly impacted by the construction of the Stage 1 development. This is based around the bulk earthworks footprint required to construct a level platform for development of the airport and extended along flow paths to the detention basins located on the eastern half of the site. Consistent with Airport Plan section 3.7.1, no bulk earthworks will occur in the EC1 zone.
The area of the CIZ in the WSA Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) was calculated at 1153.6 ha including 359.6 ha of native vegetation. The area of the CIZ provided for approval in this preliminary plan is a 1199.1 ha area of disturbance, including 7.4 ha for the TransGrid easement on the western boundary of the site. In increasing the size of the CIZ by 45.5 ha, it has been possible to refine the approach and otherwise minimise the level of disturbance to native vegetation to 359.0 ha.

It is proposed that this 359.0 ha of native vegetation will not be disturbed during Stage 1 development. This approach is consistent with the EIS, which states:

‘The parts of the airport site outside the construction impact zone of the Stage 1 development but potentially impacted by the long term development would not be cleared until required for construction of the second runway or other infrastructure, except to the extent necessary or relevant for Stage 1 (for example, drainage and services lines, fire protection and other ancillary purposes), or subsequent development of the airport site. This approach means that impacts on biodiversity values would be avoided for as long as is practicable….

A staged vegetation clearing process would be implemented during construction of the Stage 1 development. This would provide the opportunity for fauna that are resident in the construction impact zone to seek refuge in alternative habitat in the environmental conservation zone, long term development area or outside the airport site… This approach would be taken to maximise the opportunity for resident fauna to vacate the clearing footprint via vegetated remnants and move toward alternative habitat.’

The impacts of the Stage 1 changes to the CIZ would not result in any additional impacts on biodiversity values and the impact of other changes have been reduced as far as possible.

View the preliminary plan for Construction Impact Zone.

First class tickets to airport construction

 A visitor centre with views of the construction site will give the community a chance to see Western Sydney Airport take shape from the best seat in the house.

WSA Co has called for registrations of interest to deliver the centre, where the public will be able to learn about the airport and watch the project unfold.

“This project is about more than building an airport, it’s about creating a catalyst for Western Sydney’s growth and we want the community to be involved from the start,” WSA Co Chief Executive Graham Millett said.

“The visitor centre will tell Western Sydney Airport’s story so far, including why it’s needed and the benefits it will bring, particularly in terms of jobs and opportunities for locals.”

Airport construction has been projected to support more than 11,000 direct and indirect jobs, with more than 27,000 when it’s operating. Local employment targets will guarantee many of these jobs for Western Sydney residents.

The visitor centre will be built in an elevated position near one end of the runway, with direct views to where the terminal will be located.

“We’ve chosen the prime position on what is a very large construction site to give visitors the best views possible,” Mr Millett said.

“The visitor centre will be for school and community groups, local residents and anyone interested in feeling like a part of Australia’s most exciting infrastructure project.”

The registration of interest includes finalising the centre’s design, as well as construction, which is due to begin this year. The visitor centre is due to open around mid-2019.

Western Sydney Airport is set to open its boarding gates to airlines and passengers in 2026.

For more information about the registration of interest process click here.

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Airport Building Control Online

Applying for and obtaining approvals for all building activities on leased federal airports is done by a web-based system called ABC Online (ABCO).

ABC Online manages all applications, fee payments and other information associated with building activities on airports, including building and works permits, demolition authorisations, certificates of compliance, determinations of minor works and exemption notifications. The system also allows you to track the progress of building activity applications.

Read more information on ABCO.

Register in ABCO

All users of the system will be required to register as a new user. For users identified to perform the ‘ALC User Role’, where you will have access to all building activity information at your respective airport, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. after you have registered in ABCO. Your profile will be updated and allocated to the applicable airport.

Register in ABCO. 


Western Sydney Airport contracts mean local jobs

Hard hats and excavators will be on site by the end of the year after WSA Co awarded major contracts for Western Sydney Airport, creating up to 300 jobs.

WSA Co Chief Executive Officer Graham Millett said the Early Earthworks contract, which includes the initial earthwork to level the site for airport construction, was awarded to CPB Contractors Lendlease Joint Venture.

“We have Western Sydney employment targets built into the contracts, which means jobs for locals will be guaranteed,” Mr Millett said.

Work under the contract involves moving around 1.8 million cubic metres of soil to help level the site for major construction. The contract also involves building access roads and drainage.

Bechtel was awarded the Delivery Partner contract and will work closely with WSA Co to manage airport construction and ensure the project is safely completed on time, ready for passengers and aircraft in 2026.

“Bechtel is one of the world’s most experienced airport builders, having managed the construction of Hong Kong International Airport,” Mr Millett said.

“The company is also helping to deliver expansions to London’s Gatwick and City airports in a similar delivery management capacity to their role with Western Sydney Airport.

“Competition for the tenders was strong as the opportunity to be involved in this exciting greenfield project continues to see its global profile expand.”

Bechtel also won a separate contract to help WSA Co manage the airport design project.

WSA Co’s local employment targets of 30 per cent during construction and 50 per cent during operation will ensure the airport provides jobs for Western Sydney residents.

Bulk earthworks and airside civil packages are expected to go to market later this year.


Media contact: Scott MacKillop 0404 020 476

Current tenders

  • Visitors Centre & Office Accommodation Works: CLOSED (4 AUGUST 2018)
  • Bulk Earthworks and Airside Civil Works - Registration of Interest
  • Airport Planning Services: CLOSED (2 JULY 2018)
  • Technical Services Panel—Engineering Services: CLOSED (21 May 2018)
  • Technical Services Panel—Quantity Surveying Services: CLOSED (21 May 2018)
  • Early Earthworks—Registration of Interest: CLOSED (7 March 2018)
  • Delivery Partner—Expression of Interest: CLOSED (28 February 2018)
  • Project Manager (Definition)—Expression of Interest: CLOSED (28 February 2018)

Contracts awarded

  • The contract for Land Survey Services was awarded on 15 December 2017 to Veris.
  • The contract for Geotechnical Investigation Services was awarded on 22 November 2017 to JK Geotechnics.


Last Updated: 23 May, 2018