New airport to deliver Western Sydney jobs boom

New airport to deliver Western Sydney jobs boom

8 March 2018

Chief Executive of WSA Co, Graham Millett, today outlined the company's plans to generate thousands of jobs for Western Sydney locals, with economic sustainability for local communities high on the WSA Co agenda.

“We are in the unique and enviable position of being a catalyst for significant economic growth and job creation across western Sydney and we are absolutely committed to local jobs for local people,” Mr Millett said.

Following the recent release of the Western Sydney City Deal by the NSW and Federal governments, WSA Co is the first of the major job generators in the region to publicly commit to significant local workforce targets.

“The airport alone will generate more than 11,000 direct and indirect jobs in the construction phase and a further 27,000 jobs in the first five years of operation. We want to ensure that the people of western Sydney are given every opportunity to enjoy the benefit of living and working locally and contributing to the long-term prosperity of the region,” he said.

“During construction we are targeting local employment of 30 percent and we will ramp that up to 50 per cent once we are fully operational. We acknowledge the targets are ambitious given the current market, but we are confident that we can achieve them.

“We are on track to commence early earthworks toward the end of this year and major earthworks in 2020 so we are already engaged with the manufacturing, construction and education sectors to look at building training and jobs capacity in the region for the long‐term.

“The City Deal initiatives such as the STEM‐focused education facilities and adding much‐needed rail and road capacity will be fundamental to the region's success and equally that of Western Sydney Airport”, he said.

WSA Co is already engaging with universities, TAFE NSW and a range of vocational training providers as well as NSW Health, local councils and a range of government agencies to build education and training capacity in the region.

WSA Co has also set 10 per cent diversity and 20 per cent learning workforce targets by 2025.

“We have said from day one that the airport will provide a catalyst for the long‐term economic growth in the region and our commitment to announcement reinforces just how important both the airport and surrounding aerotropolis will be in helping to deliver sustainable prosperity for the people of Western Sydney.

The NSW Government has also committed to establishing rapid bus services from the key centres of Penrith, Liverpool and Campbelltown to Western Sydney Airport before it opens which will assist in growing accessibility to the airport precinct for both job and education prospects.

“We will partner with the education and training sectors as will as other key industry sectors to provide traineeships, internships and trade qualifications tailored for the airport during both construction and operation,” Mr Millett said.

“We are cognisant of the need to develop skills across the industry sectors that will support the airport precinct as well, including tourism, hospitality, health, medical technology, agribusiness and education to name a few.

“This is a once‐in‐a‐generation opportunity to make a real difference and by fostering local employment, diversity and a ‘learning’ workforce we can achieve just that,” he said.