Western Sydney Airport on final approach for successful first year

Western Sydney Airport on final approach for successful first year

Almost 12 months after it was established, WSA Co has met all major milestones and is on track to see construction activity begin by the end of the year.

Since it was established in August 2017 WSA Co, the Australian Government Business Enterprise charged with building and operating Western Sydney Airport, has awarded significant contracts, submitted a draft airport site layout and secured senior leaders with global aviation experience.

“Everyone at WSA Co is focused on safely and efficiently meeting our 2026 deadline to have Western Sydney Airport open for our passenger, airline and freight customers,” WSA Co Chief Executive Officer Graham Millett said.

“The airport is projected to support 11,000 direct and indirect jobs in construction and 27,000 when it’s operating – many will be filled local Western Sydney residents.

“Our program is ambitious, but achievable and our success meeting early milestones will be essential.”

WSA Co’s achievements in 2017-18, which were recently outlined in its Corporate Plan, include:

  • August 2017: WSA Co incorporated, Chair and first round of Board appointed
  • November 2017: Full Board appointed
  • November 2017: WSA Co Liverpool office established
  • December 2017: Electricity transmission line relocation on airport site begins 
  • December 2017: Early Earthworks ROI released to market
  • January 2018: Delivery Partner ROI released to market
  • February 2018: Chief Executive Officer appointed
  • April 2018: Draft Airport Site Layout submitted for consideration
  • June 2018: Delivery Partner and Early Earthworks contracts awarded

“Excavators will roll onto site by the end of the year for site preparation earthworks.

“We need to shift around 1.8 million cubic metres of soil and level the site enough so we can start building the runway next year.”

View the WSA Co Corporate Plan.


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